Muslims the world over celebrate this month-long holiday. In this On My Own picture book from Carolrhoda colorful borders frame a family who, through fasting, praying, and charity, reveal the rituals and customs surrounding this thoughtful and joyful time that leads to the holiday of Eid al-Fitr beginning the next month in the Islamic calendar.

"...this On My Own Holiday Book provides an accessible, uplifting introduction [to Ramadan]. The text and illustrations both emphasize the global reach of Islam...The attractive [colored pen and ink and pastel] illustrations remind children that Ramadan is not about starving so much as about showing respect to God..."
- Booklist -

"...Jeni Reeves' abundant, framed illustrations in pastel colors provide detailed windows on [Ramadan's] observation..."
- School Library Journal -

By Susan L. Douglass
Illustrated by Jeni Reeves
Carolrhoda Books @ 2004

Hardcover: 0-87614-932-8
Paperback: 1-57505-584-8
For Ages 4-8