Rainforest Murals: First panel of acrylic-painted mural commissioned by the African American Museum of Iowa for their exhibition Western Africa:  Before the Boats.  The 3-D aspect of the painted rainforest provided the walk into simulated West African Asante village in the year 1590, when the peoples of West Africa were still sovereign and free but trading with European nations.  The rainforest and the plantation outside the village provided the Asante with foods and remedies and was central to their ritual and cultural well-being.  Their Moist Semi-Deciduous Rainforest defined their place in the world ‘before the boats’, on the brink of the West African slave trade. 

Moist Semi Deciduous West African Rainforest – Panel A - 16ft x 8ft

Panel A features: Lianas, epiphytes, Raffia and Oil palms, Banana plants, Kapok, African Tulip, Oro, Red Ironwood, Umbrella, Sugar Plum, and Sapele Wood trees, as well as Grey Parrot, hornbill, Forest Elephant, Forest Buffalo, Chimpanzee, Hinged Tortoise, African Fire Skink, Black and White Colobus Monkey, Egyptian Fruit Bat, Red Colobus Monkey, Blue Turaco Bird, Chameleon, Giant Rat Giant Earthworm, Western Bush Viper, Bush Pig, Cane Rat, goat and Royal Antelope.

Work-in-Progress at museum: