I enjoy painting people and first painted figuratively in oils at age 14 when encouraged to start exhibiting artwork through a local art association in NY. Later, while studying painting and sculpture in Italy, I saw the potential of using acrylics as a medium. Over time, my acrylic technique has changed from a more fluid, light linear style to one of dense, angular forms.

Modus operandi: After stretching and preparing the canvas with gesso, I outline the composition in paint before applying a tonal underpainting. I begin pushing paint color over the canvas, working toward naturalism. The composition is then broken down into flat, sometimes exaggerated, color with defined edges. I use a flat or bright brush for this as well as fine sables. When the piece begins to show abstractions, I add metallic glazes giving depth to the composition. By alternating glazes with flat, stratified color, an effect of near-observed abstraction and far-observed realism is produced.