A West African Folktale

Anansi, the Spider trickster, is one of the oldest and most important figures in African folklore. Tricksters appear in all folklore and they challenge the powerful forces around them. They usually win by doing something clever. In this early tale Anansi bargains with Nyame, the Sky God. Anansi must capture the four most dangerous creatures on earth for Nyame and in exchange he will be given a box containing all the stories Nyame knows. Anansi will bring these stories to the world so that all creatures will know them, too. If he is clever enough.

‘The West African tales in ‘Anansi and the Box of Stories’ will mesmerize and intrigue youngsters and the vivid illustrations are a strength of this volume.’
-MultiCultural Review – Winter 2007

‘The illustrator has done an authentic job representing the African culture…her paintings show a lot of movement that are sure to appeal…’
-Library Media Connection – January 2008

‘Krensky’s retelling is simple and fast-moving, ably supported by Reeves’s illustrations.’
- School Library Journal – November 2007

Anansi and the Box of Stories
A West African Folktale
By Stephen Krensky
Illustrated by Jeni Reeves
Millbrook Press © 2008

Hardcover: 978-0-8225-6741-7