Moist Semi-Deciduous West African Rainforest - Panel A- 16ft x 8ft

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light fandango

This acrylic-painted mural features: Lianas, Epiphytes, Raffia and Oil Palms, Banana Plants, Kapok, African Tulip, Oro, Red Ironwood, Umbrella, Sugar Plum, and Sapele Wood Trees as well as a Grey Parrot, Hornbill, Forest Elephant, Forest Buffalo, Chimpanzee, Hinged Tortoise, African Fire Skink, Black and White Colobus Monkey, Egyptian Fruit Bat, Red Colobus Monkey, Blue Turaco Bird, Chameleon, Giant Rat, Giant Earthworm, Western Bush Viper, Bush Pig, Cane Rat, Goat and Royal Antelope.