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This 3-paneled acrylic-painted mural, commissioned by the African American Museum of Iowa for their exhibition Western Africa: Before the Boats, is the entry into an Asante village circa AD 1590.  The rainforest, the village, and its activities are designed for hands-on exploring.  Many historical artifacts on loan from public and private collections are also on view.

The Moist Semi-Deciduous Rainforest featured in the exhibition is the most expansive of the 4 types of Western African rainforests.  Africans, such as the Asante people, built villages in forest clearings, utilizing forest products while respecting the forest ecology.  With the advent of European trade, New World crops were introduced, supplanting indigenous food sources and, literally, seeding the coming Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, altering African societies and the forests forever.

African Rainforest A divining_sAfrican Rainforest Bpace.jpg (35kb) African Rainforest C